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When we host our HOME meets, our swim team has a concession stand and grill. This stand relies on donations from the swim team so that we can offset swim team expenses. Marie Ann Maffei is our wonderful Concession Stand coordinator and she has provided a list of items needed for each home meet (5 total). The team provides all drinks (water, Gatorade and Sunny D), candy and all items for the grill. Scott Osborne is our awesome Master Griller and he will have the grill ready to go on Saturday mornings with the bacon, egg & cheese sandwiches and hamburgers & hot dogs on Wednesday nights.

Our first HOME meet is this Saturday, June 22nd and we need your help stocking the GR Swim Team concession stand. We count on Swim team members to donate to AT LEAST 2 HOME MEETS. To donate concessions, please click on the applicable meet from the schedule. Then click on job signup, and sign up for jobs. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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Practice Schedule

Please check back to this page to see if practice has been canceled due to rain or thunderstorms. We will update by 3:30pm on the day of practice.

Practice time changes starting Friday, June 21st.  Practices will move to the following schedule:

T, W, F: 10:30am-12pm (13/Over) 11:30am-12:30pm (12/Under);
M, Th: 5:30 - 6:30pm (12/Under); 6:00-7:30pm (13/Over)

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Our First Meet is Saturday, June 22nd at Glen Ridge Swim Club

Meet Procedures & What to Bring

For our new Gator families, here is a reminder of what you and your swimmer(s) can expect before, during and after the meet and a list of what to bring:


  • Arrive on-time to the meet location. Find a spot for you & family to sit (Gator families will usually find a spot all together at away meets...look for the green!)
  • Have your swimmer(s) find the coaches as soon as they can so they can get their “event, heat and lane assignments.” The coaches will write this info on their hand in sharpie marker...you can take a picture, so you know what events they’re swimming and what heat/lane they will be in. They’ll be announced during the meet. 
  • The coaches will let your swimmer(s) know when they need to get in the pool for warm-ups and what lanes they’ll be in.
  • Parents: If you are working at the meet, please find the parent reps for instructions on your job assignment and where to report. If you’re timing, there will be a timers meeting.
  • At the end of warm-ups, SWIMMERS NEED TO REPORT TO THE COACHES to do a team cheer.
  • The coaches will do their best throughout the meet to make sure your swimmer(s) knows when their events are coming up and when they need to report behind the blocks. Parents and Big Brother/Big Sisters can be a big help with this too!
  • As soon as the last relay event is swum and the meet is done, SWIMMERS NEED TO REPORT TO THEIR COACHES to do a closing team cheer and wait for the meet results.
  • Swimmers are expected to behave respectfully at all times, especially at away meets. They should not be running around and wandering off from the pool area.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the pool has a baby pool, swimmers and/or siblings are NOT allowed to play in them. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Please be responsible for helping to clean-up the area you’re sitting in and turn in any left items to the coaches or parent reps.
  • Team suit, swim cap, towel, goggles (a back-up pair goggles and swim cap are recommended)
  • Wear Gator t-shirt and apparel/anything green.
  • Be sure to bring warm sweatshirt/sweatpants, especially for evening meets. It gets chilly when the sun starts to go down!
  • Canvas chairs and/or a blanket
  • Apply sunscreen before you arrive and bring to reapply!
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Lights snacks and money (most pools sell concessions)
  • Team Spirit & lots of cheering!!!! 
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    Go Gators!!!

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    Glen Ridge Swim Club


    640 Talamini Road

    Bridgewater, NJ 08807

    (908) 866-1513

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